Are you thinking of visiting?  We would love to have you be our guest!  You can find our address and all of our service times here.

What you can expect when you come:

At Midway we believe Corporate Worship on the Lord’s Day is the heart of all that takes place in a church body. As a result we do our best to be intentional about what takes place on Sunday mornings at MBC.

The style of dress at Midway is not uniform. You will find everything from shorts and t-shirts to suits. Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We value families worshiping together and thus you will also find children in our corporate worship (although we do offer nursery for young children).

Our services begins at 10:15 am. We desire to have Scripture direct all we do so we begin by reading the Bible together to call us into worship (1 Timothy 4:13). After prayer we have a time of fellowship in the sanctuary and then praise our Lord through song.

We put a heavy emphasis on congregational singing and theologically rich song texts. As a result we intentionally sing hymns – really old hymns – along with some of the best modern compositions because they help us rejoice in the Gospel and encourage one another (Ephesians 5:18-20Colossians 3:16). We also take time in the service to introduce the songs we sing because we want the truth of the texts we are signing to impact our thinking.

There is a long legacy of expository preaching at Midway. You may not be familiar with that term. It means that we work verse-by-verse through books of the Bible. On occasion we do short series on particular topics but 44 to 48 weeks of the year we will be walking systematically through books of the Bible. Services close with a time of reflection and response in song. Those who need to make public decisions in obedience to the Lord will do so during this time.

We finish with brief announcements and prayer. While the assumption is that we will generally end around noon it is also not uncommon for us to go past 12:00pm in the service.  With this in mind we understand if you need to slip out at some point before we end.  If you need to speak with a minister you will find one at each exit when the service ends. After church we do not run out the door. The people of Midway like to hang around after service for good conversation and to arrange for lunch together. We hope you will hang around too as we love getting to know new people.