Student and Young Adults

At Midway, we see the importance of multi-generational, multi-cultural fellowship and discipleship.  Therefore we strive to encourage our young adults and college students to be involved within the entire body by participating in worship and study with the congregation whenever possible.  By developing community intentionally within the church as a whole, smaller communities develop naturally and may occur within age groups.  Our college and young adult ministry is designed to provide the environment necessary to receive and grow individuals within this approximate age range who are connected to our church, as well as to reach individuals who are not yet involved in service in hopes that they might come to identify as productive, necessary members of our body.

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Because we highly regard scripture-based education as well as a healthy knowledge of modern and historical events and cultures, most of the tools we use in young adult and college-specific studies are geared toward understanding truth in light of the Bible and how it applies, changelessly, to and throughout the ages.  At the core of these principles is the basic truth that God is always in action to pursue His own glory through the salvation of His people – it is this belief that shapes our curriculum, our ministry, our actions, and our entire church.

In addition to corporate church worship we desire to spend time in fellowship with our church family outside the walls of Midway’s campus.  As humans we are created to learn and grow, but we are also created for community, and in order for communities to develop at a healthy, inclusive pace, we sometimes need to just hang out!  As with additional ministry events and studies, our desire for fellowship is that students and young adults will then continue to connect and consistently arrange hang-out and discipleship times for themselves.

While we do desire for young people to find their uniqueness and a sense of belonging among their own age group, we also believe all people should strive to acknowledge their identity in Christ in relation to all generations.  For this reason most of our service projects and community ministries are church-wide so that members from different walks and stages of life have the opportunity to serve together.  As a college and young adult ministry, we intend to be a hub and support for the individual ministries of our members while also empowering them with consistent opportunities to get involved in service within the church, in the community and in the world.