For Adults

Perhaps you have clicked on this page knowing well what is meant when a Christian refers to “salvation.”  Perhaps you’ve been part of a church culture, become familiar with the Bible, or otherwise come to understand the message of Christianity.  On the other hand, you could think you have a grasp on these things and, in reality, be far from understanding the subject.  Another possibility is that you find yourself asking questions like:

  • What is so important about Jesus Christ?
  • What is it that distinguishes Christans from other religions or groups?
  • What do Christians mean when they talk about “being saved.”
  • What does the Bible say about the state and nature of man, the purpose of life, or God’s plan for history?
  • What is The Gospel and why do Christians make such a big deal about it?

If any of those descriptions fit you (or even if not) please take a moment to click on the logo below and view the online presentation it links to.  If you have questions or comments about what you see in the presentation please feel free to contact us.