Ours is the Story of Jesus

The damsel in distress.

The dastardly villain.

The hero who saves the day.

“They Lived Happily Ever After.”

Why do you think we love stories so much?

Every culture, through all of human history, has valued stories.  Most often those stories contain the same elements that you and I love – heroes, villians, people to be rescued and defended, and happy endings.

The love of stories – good stories, with really good heroes, really evil bad guys, and really good endings – are one of the ways that God has created us to love Him.

You see, God is the master story teller.  Through human history, including our lives, He is telling the greatest story ever.  It is a story of the ultimate hero, His Son, Jesus Christ.

It is a story of a damsel in distress whom the hero makes His bride.  It’s a story where the bad guy gets what is coming to him in the end.

It’s a story that ends wonderfully – with a huge feast and a wedding.  Our Hero and His bride will truly live happily ever after.

Your life isn’t about you.  It’s about Jesus.  In fact, the story of your life is one in which you are a supporting character.  As a result you will find real joy – the kind you’ve always wanted – by joining God in telling this great story of Jesus.

We at Midway Baptist would love to talk to you more about this. Come be our guest and see how we partner together to tell the story of Jesus in and through the lives the great Author has assigned us.  It could be that part of your story is joining with us to tell this story – and our stories – better!

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