Adult Catechism

MBC agrees with Charles Spurgeon who wrote in 1855, I am persuaded that the use of a good Catechism in all our families will be a great safeguard against the increasing errors of the times…

As a result we encourage the use of catechism by our members in order to grow in their understanding, practice, and appreciation of the faith.  Specifically, we encourage the use of An Orthodox Catechism (which is a Baptist revision of the beloved Heidleberg Catechism) published by Hercules Collins in 1680.

From his preface to the catechism:

Now that you may not be shaken, shattered and carried away with every wind and blast, every puff and breath of Error, and Heresy; also that you may be the better established, strengthened, and settled on that sure Rock and Foundation of Salvation, Christ’s Merits, in opposition to the poor imperfect works of an impotent… I have in charitable regard to your souls, presented you with this small (but I am bold to say) sound piece of divinity… Here is milk for babes, and meat for strong men. It may not unsuitably be compared to the waters of the sanctuary, where some may go up to the ankles, others to the knees, others to the loins, and they are deep enough for others to swim in.

You can download a copy of the catechism HERE (requires the free program Adobe Reader) or if you prefer to purchase a hard copy you can find it HERE.  Finally, HERE you can find a long list of Baptist catechisms (dating to 1652!) or Charles Spurgeon’s catechism HERE.