Our main purpose in worship is to contemplate and celebrate the glory of God in Christ Jesus. Our gatherings focus on hearing from God and responding to Him. We know the Lord through His Word, and so we come together corporately to pursue Him through reading, preaching, singing, praying, and “seeing” the truth of the Scripture. As His Holy Spirit leads us in understanding and pondering the seriousness of our sin, we are also reminded of what a great Savior we have in Jesus and the joy of living for His Kingdom in the fellowship of other believers.

We sing a mixture of gospel-centered hymns and songs, both old and new, desiring to prefer unity while displaying a diversity of personal backgrounds and preferences. Our music is diverse in that we have great musicians who love to serve the Lord through playing various instrumentation and singing. We believe that everyone who serves in the music ministry on stage is a leader in our congregation thus should see the importance of studying the Word and be spiritually prepared to lead others. You will hear various people leading songs on stage and a variety of different arrangements, all devoted to glorifying God through their musical abilities.

We want you as a member of the congregation or a guest to see the beauty of the gospel through the the whole service, of which worship in song is an important component.  Specifically we want you to sing.  What takes place musically on the stage is designed to promote and enhance the voice of the congregation singing the truths of redemption as one, modeling the unity of the redeemed in Christ.